Best review of Shut Up And Rawk

It can be very frustrating to read reviews of your work at times.

We are very grateful for every review we get and we would never criticise any reviewer for giving their honest opinion – good or bad – of what we do. That is the nature of the business after all. But it does get a little tiresome to read the blunt comparisons that are trotted out over and over again where we are compared to this band or that band, very often when we don’t listen to or even like that band (Uriah Heep being a case in point – I have only ever heard Gypsy by them so how they can be such an influence on my writing is a complete mystery to me!)

To be honest we were too busy trying to be the first La Paz to want to be the next Rainbow or Dio or Whitesnake or…Uriah Heep!

So it’s nice to read a review from someone that has clearly taken the time to listen to the songs more than once and who uses these comparisons with other bands as a reference point for the reader of the review, rather than just having listened to 3 seconds and scribbled “That one’s like…” and hit skip.

Well done that man: thoughtful rock journalism is alive and well at Powerplay.


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