Live Album Update

We now have a fantastic mix from Rolf Munkes for the live album and thought we would share our plans for what will happen next.

We would like to create something here of note for fans of the band and so we have decided that we will be releasing this as a strictly limited edition.

It will not go into shops or be available online, indeed it will not even be available on iTunes. It will only be available direct from the band.

What we would like to do is:

- Take orders in advance
- Have each CD individually numbered from 1 – whatever- 
- Have your name on it
- Have it signed by all the band members
- Include a bonus cd (or tracks) of the old La Paz demos (remastered if we can) that were not re-recorded

It should be an excellent keepsake for fans and collectors alike, as well as those that never managed to see the band play live.

More details to follow but hopefully we will be in a position to take advance orders early November and start shipping in December.

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