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Doogie White & La Paz

“Shut Up and Rawk”


From a Band formed in Scotland back in the 80’s who in the same decade went their separate ways (some choosing Music others Business), “Shut Up And Rawk” is the third album release from “Doogie White” and “La Paz” since they reunited back in 2009.


“Light the fire” is the opening track – With the drum intro followed by the energetic guitarring and the overlay of the keyboards the fire is well lit before the outstanding vocals of “Doogie White” kick in.  This sets the scene nicely and you know you are about to hear a fine piece of Rock created by a fine bunch of musicians.  From melodic to hard rock and even R&B with the track “Miss Dynamite”, Classic Rock listeners will love the album and for new listeners and up and coming new Bands “Shut Up And Rawk” is an education.


Great musical arrangements put together by “Chic” and “Doogie” plus all in the band.  Across the album you can hear the 30 years plus musical influences that “Doogie White” has experienced working with bands like “Rainbow”, “Yngwie Malmsteen” and “Michael Schenker”.  Listening to “The Prize”, you would think you were listening to “Rainbow” – This in no way is a criticism.  My other personal favourite tracks on the album are: -


“Faith, hope and love”;

“A certain song”;

“Retribution blues”




“Daughter of time”.


“La Paz” worked hard in the 80’s but unfortunately did not achieve the success that they should have as a band.  In my opinion “Shut Up And Rawk” is an album that has the potential to see the band achieve the musical success\credit that they deserve.


Looking forward to playing tracks from the album on my show on “MyRock Radio”.






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