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Scottish singer and songwriter Doogie White is back with his other band La Paz, and his vocals definitely hit the ball out of the park here, as the power of singing is very powerful here.


“Shut Up and Rawk” is a stellar display of fist pumping heavy rock guitars, sing-a-long choruses, and an overall vibe that is outright spiritually uplifting, honestly. Every song is loaded with catchy elements, as in choruses you can sing to, guitar rhythms worth banging your head to, and just going all out and feeling damn good about being a rock & roll maniac.


The victorious-sounding vocal harmonies and choruses on “No Place In Heaven” makes for an ass kicking song, as it just pumps your veins up with an unseen power, which is just hard to describe, but it sure does feel good. The music too, here is brilliant with its infectious rhythms, drumming arrangements, and of course, Doogie White’s stunning display of vocals backed by a superb band in the form of La Paz.


Mind you, the music found on this 12 tracker is not for everyone, as this band is not the typical heavy, melodic rock band you’d expect to hear on AOR radio formats. Doogie and his band know how to engage the listeners through their CDs and standout musicianship.


It’s no wonder why White is part of the rock music’s legendary band Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock.


It’s songs like “Daughter Of Time”, “Faith Hope and Love”, “Throw Me To The Wolves” and “Miss Dynamite”, which get you thinking about your own life and all of the trials and tribulations you’ve met face to face.


The songs and music on “Shut Up and Rawk” is sure to stand the test of time, as the songs are packed with plenty of raw emotions to make this world cry with tears of total joy.


I highly recommended this album as it’s going to make you feel so damn good, that no chemical high or alcoholic high will ever compare. Metal Mind Productions   Sarjoo Devani

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